Our services

SHREE SAI PLACEMENTS understands executive search as a combination of common sense and knowledge, imagination, discretion and sheer hard work. Backed by professionals with a decade of experience, Shree Sai Placements brings in value addition, integrating human resource with business processes effectively.

Placement Services

SHREE SAI PLACEMENT offers to help all the candidates in the search of a job. We are recognized as a trusted Recruitment Firm in diverse verticals. Thus, several organizations rely on us for helping them find suitable manpower for different job openings in their company.
We capably provide Placement Services to the candidates as per their interests, skills, and qualifications. We do not believe in randomly placing candidates to fill the vacancy, rather we endeavor to makes sure that the candidates are fully interested in applying for the post being offered to them..

Recruitment Solutions

We endeavor to provide result oriented Recruitment Consultancy across diverse verticals. We carefully analyze the specific demands of our clients and cater to their recruitment needs for all levels. Be it Senior Level Recruitment, Middle Level Recruitment, or Junior Level Recruitment, we are capable of providing suitable Fresher, Experienced, Skilled, Semi-skilled, or Unskilled Candidates as per the requirement.
We undertake all your recruitment needs and fulfill it according to your specifications. We are able to cater to your recruitment needs for.
  • Senior Level Recruitment
  • Middle Level Recruitment
  • Junior Level Recruitment
  • Fresher, Technical and Experienced Candidates
  • Skilled/Semi-skilled/Unskilled Candidates

Human Resource Consultant

We are recognized as a credible Human Resource Consultant. Globalization has heightened competition in every industry and it has emerged that loyal support of manpower is mandatory in order to survive. Consequently, organizations have realized the significance of Human Resource Management as well.
SHREE SAI PLACEMENT provides expert HR Consultancy in diverse fields. We majorly cater to the fields such as Engineering, IT, Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Consumer Goods, Health Care, Telecom, Financial Services, Infrastructure Development, Oil & Gas, and Agriculture.

Education Consultancy

Many a times, it has been observed that people find it difficult to zero-in upon a career as they are not aware of their actual interests and skills. In fact, even if they realize that what profession will suit them the best, they remain confused about the educational programs they should pursue.
SHREE SAI PLACEMENT endeavors to help all such people by providing result oriented Education Consultancy. After the experts of our company analyze the interests and skills of the candidates, they are advised about the ideal career choices before them. We also make the candidates aware of the best courses and institutions pertaining to their career choice.